Latitude Architects believes people were designed to exist and prosper in communities and our focus is to give people that opportunity through well designed architecture. Like Jorn Utzon, we desire to “build for people”.sketch

“The most important thing is to build for people; we must do that with conviction, sincerity and energy.”

-Jorn Utzon, Danish Architect
(2003 Pritzker Prize Laureate)

Our design process revolves around a collaborative process. It is our goal to capture the essence of your ideas and vision; and mold them into the facility and community where people, place, context and culture are expressed.

Much of the time spent on a project is in understanding the many components that affect the ultimate design. We take pride in our process to understand the circumstances of a project and with great care we explore the people, places, materials, budget and codes that lend themselves to revealing a harmonious built environment.

Architecture is very much affected by geographical latitude. The latitude of a place determines the climate and weather on a very basic level and the context and culture on a greater one. Our goal as a firm is to have a similar affect on the architecture we create, drawing clues from the facts already given to us and molding them into something that is meaningful and beautiful. The word latitude has the distinction of being free from narrow restrictions and having freedom of action which we hope to embody in our design process.