humanitarian endeavors

Latitude Architects Inc. seeks to provide architectural design services as an act of humanitarianism to the underprivileged and poorest people in our direct region and throughout the world. Our focus will be projects directly related to our professional expertise as registered architects in order to maximize the benefit toward the communities we serve.

It has been our experience that Latitude Architects and its’ members grow professionally, personally and spiritually through participating in service oriented projects. Because of the impact these endeavors have on the future of our world we are committed to giving a portion of our time and profits to these projects. Please contact us if we can help you create your dream of service to the underprivileged and poor.

Clients, consultants: Would you consider helping us with our humanity endeavors through the giving of your time and/or resources? Maybe you would like to match a percentage of our professional fee to help build a home or orphanage for someone in need.



What is the community project?